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Let me introduce us, my name is Tessa Riley and my husbands name is David Victor.  We love our American Eskimo dogs.  I got my first Eskie in February of 1990.  Her name was Sugar and she was a miniature. Then I decided I wanted to get into showing.  That is where it got crazy.  I met some wonderful people that helped me see the difference between a pet quality and a show quality dog.  Sugar was my first Eskie that did finish her UKC show championship, but in today’s competition would not have finished.  I traveled Oregon and Washington showing until 2000.  For personal reasons I no longer wanted to show.  PRA had been discovered in my line.  I guess I went a little overboard I had eight dogs at that time.  I spayed and neutered everybody and placed most of my dogs in pet homes.  I kept two dogs that became permanent parts of my new life.  Melody who was an UKC and International champion and Canine Good Citizen Certified.  She was off lead trained by the time she was 4 months old.  Bear is the last of my original line.  He is now 11 years old and extremely spoiled.  Melody and Bear settle quickly into their new life.


David & I met in 2001 and he quickly saw what I always new about the Eskies, they just love their people and are very devoted.  David has learned a lot in the little bit of time that we have been together.  When you have not really been exposed to purebreds they have specific needs. The Eskies truly have their own personality, and are extremely smart.

Melody was killed tragically in November of 2004.  I was devastated.  Having only one dog in the house was very lonely. I got Melody at 11 weeks old from a friend of mine.  Her name came to me as she sat on my lap at a dog show and sang.  She did not wine, or cry she sang.  Melody was my constant companion from that moment on, forever at the end of my bed or under the desk. When I was home she was never more than 3 feet away.  I truly miss her.




After not really dealing with the dog community in a very long time I emailed everybody and told them about my loss and asked about any shows coming up and who had puppies and what was going on with PRA testing.  They now have genetic testing for PRA that was not available in the year 2000.

Our family has grown a lot, we now have Katherine, Bear, Bogie, Thriller, Mercedes, Dis, Jazzy, Raven, Samson, Porche, Ariel, Sophie, Toby, Shantai, Little Bit, and Luna with the Poms and the Eskies all getting along.

Arial giving David a kiss after her big win.

So you think you want an Eskie puppy?  Boy, are you in for a treat.  You need to know some very important things. Grooming and training time are critical if you wish to add this wonderful breed to your house.  The female Eskie will shed her coat twice a year and the male will shed once a year.  Weekly grooming is essential to keep them in tip top shape and to prevent matting.  Their coat is almost self cleaning, as it is a double coat.  But if you want to keep it snow white monthly baths are recommended.


Contact us at voyagereskies@yahoo.com
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